Pretentiously written in the 3rd person…



Chris was born on an island many years ago… but not that many. Due to circumstances beyond his control he moved with his family to another (smaller) island as child. This new island tested his survival skills as he navigated through the social jungles of international schools that thought him worthy of attendance.

One day he saw a ginger kid with big ears at a birthday party playing an off-white electric guitar and thought to himself, “Yes, I need this in my life”. He was of course referring to the guitar, acquiring a life long friend was purely incidental. He set his sights on acquiring one of these instruments and eventually his kind parents surprised him with a sunburst Telecaster copy which was somewhat unplayable, not least because Chris was left-handed and the guitar was not.

Many years passed and much Brit pop was learned.

As Chris got older he found he enjoyed words as much as music, and became particularly fond of writing short stories for his English classes. He never scored higher than an B+, and is now convinced that the content of his stories were simply too dark in tone to be celebrated without his teacher being afraid of encouraging suicidal tendencies. She needn’t have worried, Chris is alive and, well, alive.

A difficult transition into adulthood coincided with a return to the island of his birth, again for reasons outside of his control. The thought of having to make new friends did not appeal to him, so he focused on writing poetry and playing guitar. Trite, angsty outpourings and bum notes saw him through to around the year 2000.

Then he discovered metal…

Jangly chords turned to riffs, poetry turned to lyrics and his unending quest to finish songs he had started writing began to yield results…


Chris currently writes, sings and produces music for Defy The Ocean, with his long time friend Marcos.

He also likes taking photos with other peoples cameras since he always ends up buying music equipment with his hard earned cash instead of buying his own. 

Chris also really wants to write a science fiction novel. For now he is honing his skills with some short story writing primed and ready for when that great novel idea strikes!