All roads lead to Rome

8 December 2014

Went to Rome, this is proof.

Before my trip to Rome in late spring this year I would have been hard pressed to find a door attractive (I’m a window man). But if there’s one thing the Romans have nailed it’s the imposing majesty of a generously proportioned door. By my trip’s half way mark my camera was filled with many a lacklustre image, except for the few doors I’d managed to snap. At that point I had half given up on shooting anything else and had committed to producing THE┬ádefinitive series of Rome’s doors. Moments later I strolled passed a stall selling knick knacks to tourists. Among the few books laid out one caught my eye, an Italian tome… filled with photos of Rome’s doors. Scuppered.

Luckily, there were highlights aplenty after that and I managed to get a few good shots – a couple of which I’m really happy with. So without further ado, I present you with my photos of Rome and some doors…

[justified_image_grid flickr_user=62812723@N05 flickr_photoset=72157649567059896 flickr_caching=1]