I’ve played guitar for around 20 years and have been writing my own music for around half as long. This is where you’ll find both my solo work and the work of my band Defy The Ocean.

Cover of Lisa Hannigan’s “We, The Drowned”

21 April 2017


A live cover of Lisa Hannigan’s “We, The Drowned”, voice and guitar.

I decided to put my camera and guitar to better use and record this cover of a Lisa Hannigan track. The tuning is 1 1/2 steps down from how she plays it because she…


The Tide

20 November 2013

Low Tide

While you’re dreaming of these distant ships,
Your head’s buried in absolvent myth.

The Tide is the final track from the debut EP “Myopic” from my band Defy The Ocean. It’s probably my favourite track from the EP because of its content and its sprawling structure. I…


The Distance

29 October 2013

Vultures descend on my parade.

As I stared down the barrel of anotherĀ long distance relationship I found myself dwelling on the difficulties involved.

This is one of the heaviest songs I’ve written and I took inspiration from bands like Gojira…