I like taking photographs when I travel, mostly using a point and shoot though sometimes an SLR.

All roads lead to Rome

8 December 2014

All roads lead to Rome

Went to Rome, this is proof.

Before my trip to Rome in late spring this year I would have been hard pressed to find a door attractive (I’m a window man). But if there’s one thing the Romans have nailed…


Sardinia 2013

9 April 2014

Photos taken in and around Santa Teresa Di Gallura and Alghero in Summer 2013

Summer in Italy – I put on 7kg in two weeks, I couldn’t look at pizza or pasta again for over a month!

I only took around two hundred photos this trip, which is far less than my usual thousand plus for a two week holiday. But I still ended up with a few decent shots. To…


Greece 2012

11 November 2013

Greece 2012

A series of photos taken in 2012 in mainland Greece and some Greek islands…

The trip began in Athens where we spent a few days eating great food and seeing some of the ruins, despite the economic catastrophe that had befallen the country there was a great buzz…


Frankfurt – 2009

5 August 2013


Photos from Frankfurt taken in 2009


Iceland – 2011

2 August 2013


Photos from in and around Reykjavik, taken in a cold late October 2011


East coast Australia – 2011

1 August 2013

Burleigh Heads

Photos from my 2011 trip on Australia’s east coast, primarily Brisbane & Cairns.