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A European Tragedy

13 July 2015

An EU and a Greek flag fly in front of the Parthenon

They are so committed to their ideology that even human suffering at its hands cannot sway them. In fact, deep down, they welcome it.

I’ve been following the Greek crisis in the last few weeks with an almost religious fervour and If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the EU (ahem, Germany) is committed to austerity. To…


Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts – Book review

14 May 2015

Shantaram by Gregory  David Roberts

I can proudly say that its pages are now tattered through turning as opposed to through some kind of industrial accident.

This novel has been around a while; originally published in 2001 it has since sold over 4 million copies. This is a wildly successful book. I should have heard of it, but I hadn’t….


An Open Letter to Snap-Happy Gig-Goers

12 February 2015

An Open Letter to Snap-Happy Gig-Goers

Not every gig is worthy of remembrance

Dear Gig-goer,

Does you smartphone burn a hole in your pocket? Do you itch to snap a quick shot of your favourite artist as they jump, sing, shout and scream on stage? Maybe you prefer…


Neverness by David Zindell – A book review

19 December 2013


A short, spoiler-free review of the science fiction adventure novel Neverness by David Zindell.

Every once in a while you come across a book that surprises you, it takes you by the scruff of your neck and thrusts you into a world so well imagined, deep and complex…