Cover of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”

6 December 2017

I always wanted to learn this song beginning to end but never got past the first part, life just usually took over and I’d forget about it. But I still wanted to tackle this challenging song completely on acoustic. 20 years on (Radiohead are releasing a 20th Anniversary Edition of OK Computer on the 23rd June!) it’s an epic song that I think survives remarkably well and still wears its rawness and experimentalism on its sleeve.

Some details:
Guitar: Martin DG-15ME
Tuning: C# Standard (C#-G#-B#-E-F#-C#) – personal preference for vocal range
Strings: Daddario 14-59
Re-20 (Vocal), Pr30b (Guitar), SM57 (room)
+ a direct in from the guitar.

Audio Mix
Compression, EQ and a bit of extra reverb on the vocal mic, but most of it coming from the room mic.

Canon 700d w/ Canon 50mm f1.2 (shot at f2.2 I think) using CineStyle colour profile.
GoPro Hero 5 Session shot at 1920×1440 @ 30fps and cropped to 1080p.

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