Greece 2012

11 November 2013

A series of photos taken in 2012 in mainland Greece and some Greek islands…

The trip began in Athens where we spent a few days eating great food and seeing some of the ruins, despite the economic catastrophe that had befallen the country there was a great buzz in the air with coffee shops and bars brimming and buzzing. We took full advantage of our time there before moving on to the small and quiet island of Milos, known for it’s variety of beaches, among other things. The three nights we spent there were so relaxing, it was as if other tourists had simply forgotten about the island. As we stepped off the boat we saw a few empty cafés, their signs brazenly flaunting prices for their most popular items. One item in particular caught our attention and at that moment we knew Milos was an island with few equals, it read: “Frappé €1.50”. We probably wouldn’t have left if it wasn’t for previous plans we had made. We were due to meet some good friends on the iconic island of Santorini…

On Santorini good times were had, as was good food (yes, a running theme). The 3 days we spent together passed quickly and before we knew it we were going our separate ways with memories of vistas that these photographs couldn’t hope to capture. If you’re looking for great beaches, go somewhere else. If you’re looking for stunning views where the volcanic rock jutting from the water is juxtaposed against the most carefully manicured iconic Grecian buildings that glow a pristine white against the cerulean sky… then this place is for you.

Boarding yet another boat we headed to Crete, excited with the possibilities this huge island bore. We quickly realised that Crete was massive and we stood no hope of seeing even a fraction of it in our last 5 days. So we accepted defeat, visited many beautiful beaches and once again ate the most fantastic food.

These photos are in reverse chronological order, starting with “Dinner on the rocks”, the location for our last dinner in Chania, here we successfully tasted the best Kalamari ever (a “side mission” we really wanted to complete!).


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