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Keep The Fire Alight

7 October 2015

Keep The Fire Alight

Bare skin on plastic, a collage of ether dreams, now crystallised.

A 500-word short story I entered for the September CultOfMe competition – I didn’t win. I know, scandal.

The brief was to write 500-words or less inspired by the accompanying image. I really enjoyed writing it, and…



20 June 2014


He was a monstrous black giraffe of death. In a cape.

This story was inspired by Game of Thrones (the TV series). Specifically, a Facebook “friend” thought that spoiling revelations in the show was a just bit of fun, rather than the deadly serious matter…



7 March 2014


car·riage (kăr′ĭj) – A moving part of a machine for holding or shifting another part.

This is a really short, bleak poem. I suppose I was feeling pretty weary when I wrote it. I didn’t even intend for it to be short at all but the words just stopped…


The Tide

20 November 2013

Low Tide

While you’re dreaming of these distant ships,
Your head’s buried in absolvent myth.

The Tide is the final track from the debut EP “Myopic” from my band Defy The Ocean. It’s probably my favourite track from the EP because of its content and its sprawling structure. I…


The Grudge

16 November 2013


He’d walked this path in his dreams, narrow and never ending, storm clouds shadowing its twisted form. He pictured the end, filled with light, as he walked through some sort of gate or Gothic arch, healing him.

This is an old story I wrote back in late 2001. Over a decade ago! Reading it now there are things I’d change. It’s certainly flawed but I still like it. It’s completely and…


Another Star

15 November 2013


It had to be today.

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